Ti Kwan Yin 50g

Ti Kwan Yin 50g

Deep in the mountains of Anxi, there was once a rundown old temple. An old farmer used to walk past it every morning. One day, he resolved to do something to help. Being poor, all he could do was to sweep the floor and light some incense as an offering to the iron statue of Kuan Yin, the Bodhisattva of Compassion. This he did, devoutly, for many years.  One night, Kwan Yin came to him in a dream. She told him of a cave behind the temple that had hidden treasure. The next day, the farmer went to the cave, but all he found was the single shoot of a tea plant. He planted in his field and tended it faithfully. In time it grew into a healthy bush that produced the finest, most exquisite tea. He gave away cuttings to his neighbours, and before long the village became so prosperous that the temple was beautifully restored. The happy ending for us is this world-renowned tea with a silky smooth texture and light, refreshing taste.





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