Gift Selection: Oolong & Pouchong

Gift Selection: Oolong & Pouchong

A gift selection of four oolong/pouchong semi-fermented teas from Taiwan and Fujian. They range from dark (Wuyi Shan Xian) to light (Ping Ling Pouchong).


OOLONG GOLDEN LILY. An oolong with a smooth, toasty and lightly floral aroma, from the mountains of central Taiwan. Sweet, lovely, complex. (40g)


PING LING POUCHONG. From the Ping Ling district of Taiwan, honey coloured with a delicate fruity taste. (20g)


WUYI SHUI XIAN (WATER SPRITE). The original variety was found by a Mr Su near Tai Lake in Fujian. He made the tea according to the oolong method, and the result was this fine, strong and full-bodied tea with a flowery aftertaste. (20g)


DONG DING (FROZEN PEAK). From the high slopes of Dong Ding Mountain in Taiwan, a hand-picked oolong with a very sweet fragrance and taste. (45g)